The Gospel in Salisbury: Mark 1:1-15


* This is an evolving dialogue. We will be adding more dialogue to this post as we transcribe notes and recordings.

Mission House has relaunched Bible Lab on Mondays at 6:30pm. Bible Lab is a prayerful way to engage scripture and community. As a community we read through a book in scripture while also listening and reflecting on our community. This week we began our new journey through the gospel of Mark. Our passage for reflection this week was Mark 1:1-15.

Our reflections on the gospel of Mark are done in the context of the greater Salisbury-Rowan area. Salisbury is the county seat of Rowan County, North Carolina.

The Dialogue

Anthony: In Bible Lab we read the bible not for information but for personal and community transformation. As we prayerfully read the gospel of Mark make note of what words, phrases, images and ideas stands out to us. Before we begin our reading and reflection of Mark’s gospel I want to ask a question:

what in your world breaks your heart? 

Myra: Child abuse. Physical child abuse.

Emily: How black folks treat each other in the community.

Shayla: I’m in a constant state of fear that something will happen to my young black son.

Vanessa: The way our society is digressing.

Anthony: The ways in which people of color do not realize their power. If they did this place would be different.

Would it be fair to say that whatever breaks your heart is something that needs to be straightened out?

We read the entire passage in Mark 1:1-15. Anthony asked: what stood out to you as we read this passage? Emily says: “The wilderness for me. That we are living in a wilderness. All of the things we said that broke our hearts. We’re living in a wilderness at this point. Even though we are in a wilderness God is still calling out to us but we aren’t listening. We can be so hardheaded and stubborn.”

Myra: “when John the Baptist says that there is one more powerful coming after him. Many people can’t say that. Many people want to assume they have all the answers. We lack humility sometimes.”





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